The first national program of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. It was first introduced at the Tenth Anniversary Conclave, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (December 1924). When Bigger and Better Business was adopted as a national program, special emphasis was placed on encouraging and promoting Negro businesses. At its inception, the program sought to encourage Negro businesses to improve their business acumen, efficiency and service to the public, to be competitive with other businesses. Bigger and Better Business initiatives include:
Project S.E.E.D.
The Sigma Economic Empowerment Development Project (Project SEED) is a Bigger & Better Business program developed to focus on two important topics of interest: Financial Management and Home Ownership. This focus provides useful information in both areas and benefits Phi Beta Sigma members, families, and communities. The program includes:
  • Financial Literacy (Investments, Retirements, etc.)
  • Economic Empowerment
Sigma Business Initiative
Our men’s health initiative designed to educate and inform our membership and the community about key health issues facing men of color.
  • Sigma Business Network
  • Sigma Business Partners (Adopt Businesses)
  • Billboard Jackson Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Jopwell Career Advancement Program
In 2008, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. established a partnership with the US Department of Treasury (IRS-VITA Program) to establish a nationwide Tax Preparation Program for low income families ($51,000 or less) in need of assistance in preparing their own tax returns. Since 2008, the focus of Phi Beta Sigma’s VITA Partnership program has evolved into three service areas: 1) Promoting tax understanding and awareness; 2) Preparing complimentary tax returns for low-to-moderate income individuals; and 3) Encouraging personal asset building and self-sufficiency through tax incentives.