Although we are not able to meet in person to celebrate Founders Day, we have organized a Virginia Blue and White Founders Week with our Virginia Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Below are the events for this upcoming week:

  • January 9th – Sigma Love: Sigmas post picture(s) of Sigma(s) that inspire you. Zetas posts a picture of you and your favorite Sigma.
  • January 10th – Joint Virtual Prayer Breakfast/Reaffirmation:  Sigma Attire is black suit, white shirt, and blue tie. 11am – 1pm.  Please RSVP.
  • January 11th – Vibe Check: Social Media post showing your gratitude on how the blue and white family is keeping you in good spirits. 
  • January 12th – The Business: Social Media post showing how blue and white is still handling business and serving our community.
  • January 13th – Got Laughs?: Social Media post sharing your favorite corny joke or dad joke that gets a laugh every time.
  • January 14th – Throwback Thursday: Social Media Post sharing a picture of your favorite blue and white throwback. 
  • January 15th – Show Off: Show off your favorite blue and white apparel and tell us why you love it so much. 
  • January 15th – Blue & White Virtual Party: From 7:20pm until 9:20pm there will be a virtual party featuring our VA Sigma Brother DJ Precise. No Cost!!! Please RSVP.
  • January 16th – Zeta Love: Zetas post picture(s) of Zeta(s) that inspire you. Sigmas posts picture(s) of you and your favorite Zeta(s). 

For all social media posts, we are asking that you use #VABlueAndWhite #VASigmas. We look forward to celebrating the week with our Virginia Brothers and Sisters.